Francois Joseph LeFrebvre

An Able General and Political Survivor

LEFEBVRE, Francois Joseph, French soldier, born at Ruffach, in Alsace, Oct. 25, 1755; died in Paris, Sept. 14, 1820. In 1773 he joined the French army, rose by distinguished service to the rank of brigadier general in 1794, and was made a marshal by Napoleon at the establishment of the empire.

At the siege of Danzig he rendered efficient aid to Napoleon, for which he was given the title of Duke of Danzig, in 1807. In the peninsular war he captured Bilboa, defeated the British in Spain in 1808, and took part with Napoleon in the Russian invasion.

In 1814 he was in command of the left wing of Napoleon’s army, resisting the advance of the allies, but when the Bourbons were restored he surrendered and was made a French peer.

Great Military Commanders of the Napoleonic Wars