Napoleon Timeline

This is a timeline of the significant events in the life and military career of Napoleon.

Napoleon Poltical Propaganda

An Anti-Napoleon Propaganda Cartoon by George Cruikshank. It Depicts Napoleon Pillaging Italy of Its Art Treasures During his Invasion of Italy. There Was Much Truth to This Allegation, as Napoleon Forcibly Removed Many Italian National Treasures Including the Mona Lisa and Brought Them to France.

  • 1769.    August 15th. Napoleon horn.

  • 1779.    Napoleon attends school in Brienne.

  • 1784.    Napoleon attends the military academy.

  • 1785.    Sub-lieutenant of artillery.

  • 1789.    To Corsica.

  • 1791.    April, lieutenant in Valence.-- October, to Corsica.

  • 1792.    Putsch in Ajaccio. Banishment.

  • 1793.    Captain. Siege of Toulon.

  • 1794.    February, Napoleon is promoted to brigadier-general. -- August, arrested.

  • 1795.    June, at the Ministry for War. -- October, suppression of the Paris rising.-- Napoleon is appointed Commander of the Army of the Interior.

  • 1796.    March 2nd. Commander of the Army of Italy.-- March 6th. Napoleon is married to Josephine Beauharnais.

  • 1796-7.    Battles of Millesimo, Castiglione, Arcola. Rivoli. Mantua.

  • 1797.    At the castle of Montebello. -- Peace of Campo Formio.

  • 1798.    In Paris till May.-- May 19th. embarcation for Egypt Battle of the Pyramids.

  • 1799.    Jaffa, Acre. Aboukir. -- October 7th. landing in France.-- November 9th. coup d’etat of the eighteenth Brumairc. December 24th. First Consul.

  • 1800.    June 14th, battle of Marengo. -- December 24th. attempted assassination.

  • 1801.    Peace of Luneville. -- Concordat with Pius VII.

  • 1802.    Peace with England. -- Consul for life. Legion of Honour.

  • 1804.    March 21st, Duke of Enghien shot. -- May 18th, assumption of imperial title. -- December 2nd, Napoleon is crowned Emperor.

  • 1805.    October. Battle of Trafalgar results in French defeat at sea. -- November, Vienna taken. -- December 2nd. battle of Austerlitz. -- Peace of Pressburg.

  • 1806.    Confederation of the Rhine. Joseph. King of Naples. Louis. King of Holland. -- October 14th, battle of Jena. -- Berlin. Continental System.

  • 1807.    Battles of Preussisch-Eylau and Friedland. -- June 7th, treaty of Tilsit. -- Jerome, King of Westphalia.

  • 1808.    Home. Madrid. Bayonne. Joseph. King of Spain. Murat, King of Naples.

  • 1809.    Napoleon is excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. Battles of Aspern-Essling. Wagram. and Vienna.

  • 1810.    January, Napoleon divorces Empress Josephine for political expediency, so that he can marry a more well connected Austrian princess, and forge an alliance with the Austrian Empire. -- April, married to Marie Louise.

  • 1811.    March 20th, birth of his son.

  • 1812.    Battles of Smolensk, Borodino, Vittoria, Moscow. December, return to Paris.

  • 1813.    April, battles of Lutzen and Bautzen. -- July, battle of Dresden. -- October 16th to 18th. battle of Leipzig.

  • 1814.    Battles of Brienne, La Rothiere. Champaubert, Montereau, Bas-sur-Aube, Laon, Arcis-sur-Aubc. April 6th. abdication in Fontainebleau. -- April 20th. embarcation for Elba.

  • 1815.    February 26th. sails from Elba. March 13th. outlawed. -- March 20th. Paris. -- June, battles of Ligny and Waterloo. June 23rd. second abdication.-- July 13th. letter to the prince regent. July 31st. declared a prisoner

  • 1815.    October 17th. arrival in St. Helena

  • 1821. May 5th. Napoleon dies.