Photo of French Soldier, Veteran of the Napoleonic Wars

2nd Hussars Officer

 Napoleonic War Veteran Schmidt

Officer of the 2nd Hussars

Schmidt of the 2nd Hussars Regiment proudly displays his medals on his chest. He is wearing a floppy cap which is far less impressive than the enormous bear that his colleague Fabry of the 1st Hussars is wearing in this picture.

The 2nd Hussars were an elite unit with a distinguished military history dating back to their formation in 1735, when they were originally named the Hussars of Chamborant. During the Napoleonic wars the 2nd Hussars won battle honours at the battles of Honschoote 1798, Austerlitz 1805, Friedland 1807, and Medellin 1809. At the close of the war they were involved in the defence of Belfort on French soil.